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solar panels are an expensive investment

Solar panels lose up to 33% of efficiency due to dirt and dust covering them, resulting in wasted money. Let us help you keep them running the way they are intended to, by properly cleaning them. We use the proper technique to ensure they are cleaned professionally. We use a water fed pole system and soft bristle brush with di water to ensure no water spotting is left behind.

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Tired of looking at your dirty solar panels, call us for a free quote to get them shining like new again! Not only will they shine and stand out, they will generate more power to your home, more power, more money for you!

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Some solar panels companies will void warranty if they are not cleaned often. Make sure that does not happen to you by calling Orange county’s top rated solar panel cleaning company, 949 pressure wash!

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it is recommended to have your solar panels cleaned every 6 months or at least once a year to keep them working how they are designed too. When dirt and dust create a thin layer on the surface it creates a barrier. This results in not generating the power they should. Failing to clean solar panels will decrease their generating power up to 33%.

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why should I have my solar panels cleaned?

Solar is about more than saving money. It’s a lifestyle decision. It’s about using your ac whenever you want, jacuzzi or other appliances whenever you want without worrying about the electricity bill. It’s about running your pool pump instead of draining your pool, and adding those extra landscaping features, holiday lights or the extra tv in the family room. without worrying  about how you are going to pay for their operation. The world is turning electric, clean your solar panels to get the most out of them.

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Frequently asked questions in Solar Panel Cleaning Orange County CA

No, we use damage free equipment to ensure your solar panels are cleaned properly. A pressure washer can seriously cause damage.

We use water di water, water fed poles and soft bristle brush to remove any dirt and grime of your solar panels.

No, rain does not get into the crevices of the solar panels. We use a soft bristle brush to get every corner. Rain does not scrape off any hardened sand that got banked onto the solar panels. Our soft bristle brush removes that safely.

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